use the dough to make... donuts!

Premium frozen pizza!

Its like having a pizzeria in your freezer!

We did the hard work so you can be creative and enjoy!

Making dough isn't the most fun job! Making pizza is a great time! So whether you want to make your own pizza creations with our dough or pop in a high quality Frozen Pizza, We got you covered!  NOW We will even deliver right to your door in selected areas! 

We will deliver to the following towns!

We are just in launch mode for our online store!

We will be slowly adding communities that we will deliver to in the future.

Here is how it will work

Towns will be in GROUPS

Eston, Elrose, Rosetown

Cabri, Pennent, Success, Abbey

Swift Current, Stewart Valley

Beechy, Lucky Lake, Dinsmore

We will Deliver to each Group once per month or every 4 weeks

Orders for each GROUP will be due by Sunday Night Starting with
Group 1 (Sunday March10th)

Deliveries will be Scheduled for Thursdays.
(Group 1 delivery will be Thursday March 21st)

We will Deliver right to your door!!

If you are not going to be around please leave a alternate address in the
section of the checkout to ensure delivery!

We will contact all of the customers via EMAIL or TEXT Prior to Delivery!

We are just in the Initial Launch Phase. We Hope things go smoothly!

If you would like to order and pick up in Kyle, You can choose to in the cart!
If you have any Questions Please call 13063757227

If you are not from these towns contact us to see if we can arrange a delivery or pick up

We want to deliver you our product! Please feel free to contact us directly. 

Call or text